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 Hungary Hungary

Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration
Department of Political Science - Hungarian Centre for Democracy Studies

 Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration The Department of Political Science of the Budapest University was established in 1990, its research institute, the HCDS in 1991. The Political Science Department has developed education programmes at the levels, that is, at BA, MA and PhD. Levels. The HCDS has also embraced some colleagues beyond the Department and it has conducted research on the Democratisation and Europeanisation of the Hungarian Polity. In the first half of the nineties, the focus was on the emergence and Europeanisation of the democratic Hungarian parliament. In the second half of the nineties, however, the focus has been shifted to the Europeanisation of the Hungarian government as a political modernisation for the improvement of its performance. Some members of the research team have also dealt with the meso-structures, i.e. with the social and territorial actors and their European accommodation.

The HCDS has produced a series of publications in both English and Hungarian. It has edited its own working papers series, Budapest Papers on Democratic Transition, and has published three books in English in a Central European co-operation. It has regularly edited the Political Yearbook of Hungary with an extensive documentation and analysis of both Europeanisation and democratisation. The HCDS has also served, to some extent, as a policy institute in advising for the government and parliament.

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 Attila Ágh  Attila Ágh

BA and MA (Budapest), PhD in European Sciences (Nancy), visiting professorships among others, in Dar as Salaam, New Delhi, State University of California at Long Beach and Vienna. In the 1980s he was the Director of the Hungarian Institute for International Relations. From 1990 on, he has been the Head of Department and the Director of the HCDS. Professor Ágh has participated in several international projects and he has been a member of editorial boards of five internationally known journals.

Research Interests:
Comparative theory of democratisation in East Central Europe and the Balkans. The Europeanisation of the institutions and policy-making in Hungary, in a comparative context. He has recently given several courses on European integration in Budapest and Vienna.

The Politics of Central Europe (Sage, 1998), Emerging Democracies in Central Europe and the Balkans (Edward Elgar, 1998), regular publications in the Journal of Legislative Studies, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Journal of European Public Policy, etc. with chapters e.g., in recent books at Macmillan, Routledge and Frank Cass.

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