Organising for EU Enlargement 
 A challenge for member states and candidate countries


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 Finland Finland

University of Helsinki
The Programme on European Policy-Making (Department of Political Science)

 University of Helsinki The Programme on European Policy-Making was launched in the year 1997 at the Department of Political Science, University of Helsinki. The aim of the programme is to create a dialogue between universities and decision makers and to increase the knowledge of the European Union among the Finnish political science students, politicians and public authorities alike. The programme consists of a teaching component financed by the Department of Political Science and the Ministry of Education and a research component that is partly financed by the Academy of Finland. Various governmental bodies like the Parliament and the Ministries finance a large part of the research activities. A Jean Monnet course (Permanent Course, 60h annually) on European Political Integration forms the core of the teaching activities of the Programme. The Programme on European Policy-Making has already a well-established position as one of the leading institutions for EU studies in Finland.

The leading figures of the Programme on European Policy-Making will even be involved in this application. They have all considerable experience in integration studies.

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 Teija Tiilikainen  Teija Tiilikainen

PhD (Åbo Academy University, Finland). Researcher and co-ordinator of the Programme on European Policy-Making, University of Helsinki. Dr Tiilikainen has functioned as a researcher and lecturer at four Finnish universities - among them the National Defence College where she was the first female researcher in the school's history.

Research Interests:
EU from the history of ideas perspective and from the citizen perspective. The institutions of the EU, the institutions and policies of the CFSP. The Finnish adaptation to the EU - the perspective of the Constitution and the political system.

Europe and Finland; Defining the Political Identity of Finland in Western Europe (Aldershot: Ashgate 1998); Citizenship and Nationality Status in the New Europe, edited together with Siofra O'Leary (London: Sweet & Maxwell 1998); Towards the IGC 1996; Finland leads the EU, A Study of the Finnish Presidency 1999 (in Finnish) ed. together with Tuomo Martikainen (University of Helsinki, Dept of Political Science, Acta Politica, nr 13/2000); The Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU (in Finnish) (Helsinki: The Finnish Institute of International Affairs 1995). Dr. Tiilikainen has published more than thirty scientific articles on European integration in scientific journals and edited volumes.

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